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OUR MISSION:  To save human lives in the Southern Arizona Desert.


                                     What We Do

  •   Routinely search the desert offering water, food and first aid to migrants found suffering from heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, and minor injuries.

  •  Call 911 or the U.S. Border Patrol when migrants are in need of medical  treatment.

  •  Discourage migrants from crossing the desert by explaining the risks and distances involved. When migrants want to return home, we contact the Border Patrol.

  • Conduct “basura” (trash) runs to gather migrant possessions left behind in the desert.  We recycle discarded clothing, backpacks, and other materials such as plastics. 

  • Maintain relationships with Border  Patrol and other public and elected   officials, encouraging them to address humanitarian as well as security needs.

  • Work with other humanitarian groups to educate ourselves and others about migrant issues.

  • Undertake special projects such as helping families living in the Nogales Sonora dump, and assisting Mexican non-governmental organizations to provide humanitarian aid to returnees in Sonora.


Is It Legal to assist migrants?

It is legal to provide food, water, and first aid to those in need.  It is never illegal to provide humanitarian aid.

Neither the Green Valley Samaritans nor the Border Patrol wants migrants to die.


Do the Green Valley Samaritans notify the Border Patrol of undocumented migrants encountered on patrol?

The Green Valley Samaritans provide humanitarian aid to anyone in need.  We do not ask anyone to provide documentation as a condition of receiving humanitarian assistance.  We do contact the Border Patrol if someone needs medical evacuation.


Do the Green Valley Samaritans maintain "safe houses" or provide transportation for migrants?

No!  Green Valley Samaritans do not provide transport or house migrants.  These are illegal acts.